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Reviews for Keystone

Read skier and snowboarder-submitted reviews on Keystone that rank the ski resort and mountain town on a scale of one to five stars for attributes such as terrain, nightlife and family friendliness. See how Keystone stacks up in the reviews, on and off the slopes, from skiing and family activities to the après scene. Read up on pros, cons and other comments in reviews left by fellow skiers and riders. Don't forget to submit your own Keystone review! Scroll to the bottom of this page to let other travelers know about your skiing and resort experience. For more destination information, click Add to Compare to see a side-by-side comparison of Keystone vs. other ski resorts (up to 10 total).

Reviews for Keystone


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Constantine Vlahos

The snow here is very bad compared to most other resorts in colorado. Although i went here in spring, it was still very icy on some runs, they have the snowmaking potential, and they should live up to it. When it isn't icy this resort is an intermediate, expert paradise.... Full Review
Best intermediate terrain in c...
icy, makes crowded blues dange...
1 month ago

Jim Smith

Keystone is a great mountain, and I learned to ski there, however, they make their park smaller, and the “family” runs are really dangerous. This place markets themselves as a beginner mountain, but it’s a horrible place to learn to ski unless you’re a kid like I was. Other than that, pretty cool mountain and town, just sometimes you can’t get over the cons... Full Review
Good glades, cool vibe
Really dangerous to ski, lots ...
1 month ago

Ryan Moore

The “seasoned lift operator” at the top of Santiago wasn’t paying attention. Never stopped or slowed down the lift when a child fell getting off, then after two adults fell(my mother and I) trying to maneuver around the child he still didn’t stop it causing my mother to get hit in the back of the head by the chair lift as it headed back down the mountain. This resulted in her receiving 11 staples in the back of her head and nothing but avoidance from Vail Corporate. We’ve been skiing here for 10 years, they are always paying attention and go above and beyond for their guests. Maybe COVID has made them off their game because this should have NEVER been allowed to happen. The lift operators were not paying attention and the hospital actually allowed my mother (with a concusion) to walk out by herself without anyone attending to her and blood still coming down her head. They didn’t even try to clean her up before applying the staples and sending her on her way. The resort is siding with the lift operators of course who say my husbands snowboard hit my mother in the back of the head. (Which is impossible, he stayed on the lift or he would have fell on top of us). I witnessed her getting hit in the head then I had to duck to not get hit myself. Why they hadn’t stopped it at this point is beyond me because people were yelling for someone to stop the lift. Disgusting and disappointing. Sadly we will never be returning to ski here.... Full Review
Before this season they were g...
This year nobody seems to be p...
8 months ago

Paula Pascucci

First time skiing at Keystone!! I LOVED IT!!! And I Love The Snowboarders too! BUT..... NOT ALL, but a Very Lot Of The Snowboarders are on the beginning runs and boarding Out Of Control!!!! There are families and tiny kids! It’s uncalled for! And they sit in the middle of the runs which is ridiculous.... move over to the side if your going to just sit there! But the experience was Amazing!... Full Review
Beautiful Ski Mountain with lo...
The snowboarders are OUT OF CO...
10 months ago

Rod Bonn

I had to respond to the snowboarders who complain about their passes being pulled. I watched their video where they admit they were on SchoolMarm. That is a BEGINNER RUN and a specially protected Beginner Run and yes, it is marked. I love to go fast myself- but NEVER on SchoolMarm or any other beginner run. And these guys were coming way to close to other skiers/boarders who have to be assumed to be Beginners. Even if you think you aren't going fast to Beginners you are terrifying! Boarders, this is why you get bad reps. Try Lower GoDevil if you want speed and you dare! Not many Beginners are going to try to tackle GoDevil.... Full Review
Excellent terrain park
can be icy
11 months ago


Keystone has always been our number one place to go to. Love the night skiing and the day, can't ask for anything else, would like to see more actives during the season. more actives during the summer!!!!!!!!!!... Full Review
Keystone is a very is place to...
Not long enough season
1 year ago

Vít undefined

disgusting behavior of mountain safety Full Review
2 years ago

Jerry Andersen

Been going to keystone over 20 years! After the recent video of the safety patrol taking away the passes of some very good riders just having fun i shall no longer invest in a pass that includes keystone! Safety should focus on the less experienced Ski / riders falling in front of everyone becoming hazards... Full Review
Lots of area togo ride
Unfair staff
2 years ago

Eddie Chui

Great runs, great resorts, great people! Hope they close a little late in the future.... Full Review
Best trails, super long and fu...
Close too early.
2 years ago

LA Jones

The food and service at the Go Big Burger Restaurant is the worse. Service is non existent And there is no process for seating efficiently. NEVER EAT HERE. Almost worth going to another ski resort. Only friendly people are the high ones at the lift lines. Or central ticket office. ... Full Review
Food and dining
3 years ago
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